Chatswood Public School Canteen, run by the P&C, is open 5 days a week and services the Main Campus for recess and lunch and the Bush Campus for lunch. The canteen is run by a P&C Subcommittee and is staffed by a supervisor, two part-time assistants and parent volunteers.  Proceeds from the Canteen are allocated to the P&C funds to support services, facilities and equipment throughout the year.

Menu items

The Canteen offers a range of healthy snacks and lunches with the majority of our food made on site following the Healthy School Canteen Strategy. A copy of the current menu can be found here.

How to order?

Recess (morning tea) and lunch orders are placed via our online system, School24. Orders must be placed before 9:00am each day and can be ordered and queued in advance. A number of items have stock limits so be sure to order in advance whenever possible

To start ordering online, you will need to register with School24 at, School ID: 2527963

Select items such as snacks, drinks and frozen snacks are available to purchase over the counter with money. These are highlighted in the current menu.

How Do Students Receive Canteen Orders?

Orders are prepared fresh each day and served at the Canteen counters (Main Campus canteen, Bush Campus canteen near the office).

Recess (main campus only): Students collect their orders individually from the counter

Lunch orders: Collected in a class tub by class monitors.

Kindergarten students’ orders are collected and distributed by a recess/lunch duty teacher in the designated Kindergarten lunch area at the lower COLA.

Pre-ordered drinks and Pre-ordered frozen desserts can be collected at the Canteen Counter (Main and Bush Campus). Students should kindly bring their recess/lunch order bag to the canteen counter at their campus to request their drink or frozen item order.

What is Canteen Fun Day?

Once a term, we offer a Canteen Fun Day which features special items not typically available. Previous Fun Day menus have included sausage sizzle, pizza, and sorbet. Many students participate in Fun Day orders, even if they do not order frequently from the Canteen; they have the opportunity to participate in a special offering, and support the school through their purchase. Fun Days require additional volunteers, as we prepare a high number of orders above and beyond the typical order quantity. With a great group of parents and carers, Fun Days are fun not only for the students but also for the volunteers!

How Can Parents/Carers Get Involved?

1. Volunteer in the Canteens on a School Day

We need volunteers each school day to help organise orders and prepare recess/lunch offerings, as well as assist in keeping the canteen clean and tidy. Join us any day of the week for any period of time, 8:30am-3:00pm; even 30 minutes will make a difference!

2. Join the Menu Development Subcommittee

The subcommittee works to improve and/or expand on our menu with an eye toward flavour and nutrition. The Canteen team has added menu items over the years with input from school families; we even feature some recipes developed by school parents, staff, and carers. Contact us at:

3. Join the Canteen Subcommittee

Ready to contribute on a long-term basis to the Canteen and the school community? The subcommittee meets once per term, and also includes ad hoc volunteering in a range of roles: volunteering in the Canteen and at Canteen Fun Days, updating the menu and pricing, strengthening Canteen systems. Contact us at:

What if My Child Has Allergies?

We provide nut-free food, as we do have students with severe nut allergies. The Canteen menu also includes vegetarian items, and non-dairy or egg-free options. Please indicate any allergies or dietary needs on your child’s School24 account profile, in the Comments section, and we will try to work with your child’s dietary needs. We do our utmost to uphold food safety guidelines. Please note, however, that we are not able to provide gluten-free or trace-nut-free guarantees due to facility constraints.

What Happens if My Child is Sick and Misses an Order?

If possible, please cancel your order online prior to 9:00am that day. Otherwise, please contact the Canteen by 9:10am and we most likely can cancel your order and refund the charges. (Some items, such as sushi orders, are prepared by an outside vendor and those orders cannot be cancelled after 9:10am.) Thank you for your understanding.

My Child Could Not Find Her/His Order in the Class Tub – What Do We Do?

Please ask your child(ren) to come to the Canteen counters immediately if they cannot find their recess or lunch order. We will do our utmost to help track down the order, or offer the best alternative available at that time. Occasionally orders are collected incorrectly or are misplaced after the recess/lunch tub has been collected by the respective class. Please email the Canteen staff if you learn of any issues

How Can We Provide Feedback on Canteen Offerings?

We welcome constructive feedback from students and families regarding the Canteen. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in our offerings and our service, as well as effective processes and support for Canteen staff and volunteers.

Please drop by the Canteen, or contact us via email:

Canteen Committee:

The volunteer canteen committee is a sub-committee of the Chatswood Public School P&C. 

The current committee comprises:

Canteen Convenor                          Aimee Ipson Pflederer
Canteen Treasurer                          Shing Ka
Canteen Secretary:                         Jerome Robert

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Tel: 9411 3761