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Uniform Policy

It is school policy and community expectation that children wear the official school uniform. The community adopted a policy of compulsory school uniforms in 1989. School uniform is the required official dress for all students on school days and when attending school excursions and functions. When students wear a school uniform, they feel included in our school community. The school colours are royal blue and white. Please ensure that your child wears the correct attire.

During the change of seasons, the cool mornings are usually followed by a warm sometimes hot, sunny day and children do run the risk of overheating if overdressed. Parents are reminded to be mindful to dress their children appropriately.  

The Uniform Shop is run by the P&C with paid staff and parent volunteers. All funds raised by the P&C are used to support the school and the school community.


The school has a year-round “No Hat – Play in the Shade” policy in place. Students without a uniform hat are required to remain in a supervised shaded area during outdoor activities. 

Change of Season and Uniforms

Students change from summer to winter uniform by Week 2 of Term 2.

Students change from winter to summer uniform by Week 2 of Term 4.

Parents’ discretion can be used if the weather is unseasonably warm (or cold) at any given time.

Parents are reminded to not overdress your children as they run the risk of overheating.


Parents purchasing second-hand uniforms benefit from the reduced costs as do those keen to pass on uniforms that have been outgrown. The takings from the second-hand uniform sales contribute directly to P&C fundraising activities.

The uniform shop will gladly accept donations of pre-loved current uniforms from families for resale at reduced prices. All items donated must be in decent condition and freshly laundered. Items must match stock currently being sold by the uniform shop and comply with the uniform requirements set by the school including the colour and design of fabrics.

Parents are requested to remove any name tags prior to donation to prevent there being any confusion over ownership after the sale. Please take second-hand uniform items to the shop during opening hours.

Please refer below for a full copy of the Sale of Second Hand Goods Policy (Policy / Terms and Conditions Section)


Our uniform shop is staffed by 2 paid part time staff members (Natasha and Aileen). However, we could not run without the outstanding help of our parent volunteers. If you are interested in joining the shop on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings, please contact the Uniform Shop Managers via email at [email protected].

Uniform Shop Committee

The volunteer Uniform Shop committee is a sub-committee of the Chatswood Public School P&C. The subcommittee meets approximately 4 times a year (once per term).

The current committee comprises:

Uniform Shop Convenor:                   Sue Low
Uniform Shop Treasurer:                   Gigi Par-Adriano
Uniform Shop Secretary:                   Nicole Barber

Interested parents are invited to contact us if you wish to be involved in the uniform shop sub-committee at: [email protected]

Where Do the Profits Go?

The short answer is straight back to the students. All profits from the P&C-run uniform shop provide much-needed funds to the school to provide services, facilities, digital and play equipment that the students would otherwise go without.