The P&C hold a number of events, both fundraising and social, throughout the school calendar year. Key events held are:

  • Easter Egg Eggsxtravaganza
  • K-2 Bush Dance
  • Mothers Day Stall
  • Year 3-6 Ddisco
  • Fathers Day Breakfast
  • Moon Festival
  • Trivia Night
  • Canteen Fun Days

How Are Events Run – Volunteers:

Our events are run with parent volunteers – and we always need more. If you would like to volunteer, please email Your class parent will also reach out throughout the year asking for volunteers. Children love to see parents volunteer their time at the school. Volunteering is also a great way to connect with other parents and certainly makes a significant difference in your child’s education. Volunteering helps create community and gives you the opportunity to share in-school related experiences. Every little bit helps, have some fun along the way!

Why Do We Fundraise?

The Department of Education funding can only provide so much, so if we want more for our children, additional funds are needed and this is where the P&C can help. Through fundraising events such as the Moon Festival and your Voluntary Contributions, we are able to provide much needed funds to the school to provide services, facilities, digital and play equipment that the students would otherwise go without.

Moon Festival:

The Moon Festival event has recently evolved into a huge Multicultural fundraising event involving all staff, parents, carers, families and the wider community to come together. It focuses on celebrating the cultural diversity of the school and local community and showcases the different cultural backgrounds of a large school with over 1,300 children in attendance.

The event is open to the public and we encourage past students, families and the community to join in our celebration as well as to embrace multiculturalism. This annual fundraising event runs from 4.30pm till 9.00pm, usually on the second Thursday of September.

We have a huge line-up of entertainment that includes music, art and dancing, from both our students and local communities. Our delicious multicultural food stalls will satisfy everyone. There are stalls with traditional and original games and stalls that include Showbags, our infamous book stall as well as cultural trinkets!

This event is one that the whole school participates in and gets excited about. Last year, we had over 1200 students that brought their families and friends – this doesn’t count our past students and the public that walk past and wander in to join in the event. We had close to 2,000 people around the school grounds at our busiest times.

Raffle Tickets: The Moon Festival Raffle is held with prizes to be won. Raffle tickets are sold before the event and also on the Moon Festival day.

Our Main Draw is held the day after the Moon Festival and the 2nd Prize Draw will continue the following week.

Tokens: Further information will be provided closer to the date

Silent Auction: Further information will be provided closer to the date

Prizes and Sponsors: Further information will be provided closer to the date

Kids Special Packs: Further information will be provided closer to the date