About Us

What is the P&C?
P&C stands for ‘Parents & Citizens’ Association.  This is a voluntary group of parents who work to raise money and provide extra resources for their school.  At Chatswood Public School, our P&C is open to all parents and citizens of the school community.

Who leads the P&C?
Each year the P&C holds regular monthly meetings, as well as an Annual General Meeting.  One of the important functions of an Annual General Meeting is to elect the P&C Executive Committee – volunteer parents who are willing to take leadership positions for the P&C.  The Executive for our school consists of the President, two Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.  There are also other leadership positions associated with managing the Canteen, Uniform Shop, Class Parents, and Fundraising.  Details of the parents who currently hold these positions is here.

What does the P&C do?

  • promotes a positive learning and social environment
  • acts as a liaison between the school and parents
  • provides a forum for parents to find out what is happening and what is planned for the school
  • raises funds to provide services, facilities and equipment for the school
  • provides services including Uniform Shop, Canteen and musical instruments for the Music Program
  • provides support and advice to the Principal and Executive team
  • represents parents e.g. on school committees and in the development of school policy
  • acts on broader educational issues, particularly through its membership of the NSW P&C Federation
  • acts on broader community issues that impact on the welfare and safety of the students e.g. traffic and pedestrian safety
  • looks at the future of the school through our Master Plan
  • covers all children with Student Injury Insurance.

All documents relating to these items and more can be found at here


From time to time we examine our by-laws and update them to help improve our P&C transparency and operational effectiveness.  As such, at the June P&C Meeting we will be voting on adopting amendments to our By-laws.

Please take a moment to review the proposed changes.  To pass the changes (which among other things will then allow us to more easily reschedule the July and August meeting dates) we will need a quorum of Members (11 people) who are comfortable to Approve the changes at our June P&C meeting on the 28th May 2019.

Any concerns or questions of clarification should in the first instance be emailed to: vicepresident@chatswoodpublicpandc.org.au

The By-laws should be read in the context of:

  • Our Constitution, which is Prescribed by legislation (we cannot change anything in the Constitution) and overrides any contradiction from the By-laws.
  • Our Standard Operating Guidelines, which are maintained by the P&C Executive, which are *guidelines*. (Currently being revised.)

Please note that only changes to the By-laws need to be voted on at the June P&C Meeting.

Changes include adjustments to:

  • the proposal and process of Motions
  • the stipulated Meeting dates
  • Membership time frames and clarification of rights
  • the details of proposing / expending funds

Documents to review are below: