Changes to School Uniform starting in 2023 

As many of you know, the school will be transitioning to a new uniform starting in 2023, with a transition period of 3 years. This is to give you advance information about this change and to inform you of the reason for the change and to ensure that you are aware of the new requirements. 

The change is being introduced to improve the current standard of uniform being worn by students in the school and to ensure that we have a cost effective, smart uniform that is a representation of our high standards we uphold. 

It is school policy and community expectation that children wear the official school uniform each day. The community adopted a policy of compulsory school uniforms in 1989. Uniform policies help promote equal participation on the basis of their sex, religion, culture, disability and gender identity. Chatswood Public School’s uniform was designed with and by students, parents/carers, teachers and other staff and the P&C. Our uniform communicates a belonging to and sense of pride and a positive identity for the school community which is also supported by The Department of Education.

Uniform policies promote equal participation and are tailored to the needs of different students, including on the basis of their sex, religion, culture, disability and gender identity. The uniform should reflect the current values and requirements of the school community, enhancing the health and safety of students when involve in school activities.

With our current uniform there is a wide interpretation of what constitutes acceptable school pants, shirts and culottes/skorts. There are many styles of short and pants and many shades of the blue. It is, therefore, one of our aims to eliminate this confusion and to provide different options. We hope that parents will appreciate the clarity over what is the correct uniform. 

Our primary vendors for the school uniforms is a supplier that we have used for some time now, Ross Sport and Midford. The well planned and thought out quality of our new uniforms ensures that the uniform will wash and wear well throughout the year. 

Chatswood Public School New Uniforms 2023


With the rollout of the new uniforms in 2023, we will be changing the way we operate. We are delighted to be welcoming in-person purchasing again, and unfortunately, ceasing deliveries of online orders to classrooms or via post going forward to facilitate the new uniform transition period. We will also be turning off our online shop for the first few months until we have better inventory levels of our new uniform lines. 

The Uniform Shop operating times during term: Mondays to Thursdays, from 8.00am-10.30am. There will be some additional operating times set aside specifically before and at the start of a new term. These will usually be communicated prior either via the school newsletter/school app or email. Please note that the Uniform Shop is usually overwhelmed with purchases at these times and during this new uniform change and so wait times can be long. We appreciate your patience and request that our staff be treated with respect.

The Uniform Shop is not usually open for trade during the holiday breaks. All returns and exchanges policies remain unchanged and will be handled at the shop located at the Bush Campus. 

Please refer to the Uniform Guidelines Booklet for more information on the new uniforms that will be rolled out starting 2023.

The Uniform Shop is now located at the Bush Campus and we can be accessible only from Freeman Road during term. Please take note that the Chatswood High School Uniform Shop is close by but is accessible from a different entrance. We are 2 different Uniform Shops catering for different schools. We are located in the building where the Bush Campus office used to be. 

The Uniform Shop is run by the P&C with paid staff and parent volunteers. All the profit from the Uniform Shop goes back into the school for the benefit of the school community to be able to provide the wonderful programs and facilities and to purchase resources for the school. As such, to help the school community, it is always best and would certainly encourage parents/carers to buy uniforms from the Online Uniform Shop.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Uniform Shop if you have any questions. You can email the Uniform Shop at 

Stay connected with us via the school newsletter and also the Uniform Shop P&C website

We hope the advance notice of this new requirement will enable you to plan your uniform purchases for the new year. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation in this matter and for your support!

-Alex Montgomery, Principal and Chatswood Public School P&C – Uniform Shop-