!!!!! Before you make an online purchase, please ensure you read the following !!!!!!


To help with selecting the correct uniforms and items, please refer to our Product Catalogue. On a practical sense and to help with size choices, the sizes are on average based on the age of the child. When placing an online order, it is accepted that the purchaser has checked the provided sizing charts and measured accordingly as brands and sizes can differ with different suppliers. 

Product Catalogue


Due to these unprecedented circumstances and to give parents/carers peace of mind, we are extending our returns to 30 days for reasonable requests and if it meets our returns conditions. This does not impact your rights under the Australian Consumer Law and Regulations. Please note all return items are reviewed upon processing to ensure they meet the return conditions listed in the policy. You can find more information about our returns policy at:

For all online orders, you will receive 2 emails, one to advise we have “RECEIVED” your order and the next one is when your order is “COMPLETED”. The order will only be dispatched according to your options chosen above when you have received the “ORDER COMPLETED” email. This is important as we will need time to pack the order, dependent on stock availability from suppliers and to ensure that we have it ready for dispatching. At most times, we will endeavour our very best to fulfil your same day delivery (cut off at 12am midnight) or limited pick-up within the week (cut-off at 1pm for likely pick-up the next day, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only). For more information on delivery options, please refer to COVID-19 – UniformShop Operations.

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation very closely, and to operate in accordance with all NSW Health Department and Department of Education directives, health and safety advice. The health and safety of our team, children and the community will always be our first priority.

If anyone has any questions regarding uniforms, please email [email protected] 

Stay connected with us via the school newsletter as well for any updates. 

The Uniform Shop is run by the P&C with paid staff and parent volunteers. All the profit from the Uniform Shop goes back into the school for the benefit of the school community to be able to provide the wonderful programs, facilities and to purchase resources for the school. As such, to help the school community, it is always best and would certainly encourage parents/carers to buy uniforms from the Uniform Online Shop.


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