Moon Festival

Moon Festival Fundraising Event

For what started as a small internal school celebration almost 15 years ago, the Moon Festival event has recently evolved into a huge Multicultural fundraising event involving all staff, parents, carers, families and the wider community to come together. It focuses on celebrating the cultural diversity of the school and local community and showcases the different cultural backgrounds of a large school with over 1,200 children in attendance.

The event is open to the public and we encourage past students, families and the community to join in our celebration as well as to embrace multiculturalism. This annual fundraising event runs from 4.30pm till 9.00pm usually on the second Thursday of September.

We have a huge line-up of entertainment that includes music, art and dancing, from both our students and local communities. Our delicious multicultural food stalls will satisfy everyone. There are stalls with traditional and original games and stalls that include Showbags, our infamous book stall as well as cultural trinkets!

This event is one that the whole school participates in and gets excited about. Last year, we had over 1200 students that brought their families and friends – this doesn’t count our past students and the public that walk past and wander in to join in the event. We had close to 2,000 people around the school grounds at our busiest times.

Our children participate in the Lantern Walk through the grounds with Lanterns held high, the children dress in their colourful traditional costumes and scream with delight when the Lion Dance happens.

The Moon Festival Raffle is held with prizes to be won. Raffle tickets are sold before the event and also on the Moon Festival day.

Our Main Draw is held the day after the Moon Festival and the 2nd Prize Draw will continue the following week.


Kids Special Packs 

Kids Special Packs can now be purchased ONLY by clicking the link above (credit card only).

Offer only available until Sunday 25th August 2019, 10pm.

Kids Special Packs are priced at AU$26 (inclusive of TryBooking credit card processing fee) each and have the following items:

  • 1 x Showbag ($12)
  • 1 x Drink ($3)
  • 2 x Game Tokens ($4)
  • 2 x Book Tokens ($4)
  • 1 x Lantern ($4) – Moon Lady Lantern Parade at Moon Festival
  • 1 x Special Cultural Gift (ONLY available in Kids Special Pack)

For those new to the school, Kids Special Pack is an amazing once-only offer pack to commemorate and celebrate the Moon Festival event with the pre-purchase of a kids Showbag that comes with extra value items and a surprise cultural gift available only before the event. All proceeds from the sale of the Kids Special Pack goes to benefit the school to support your children!

Please fill in the Child’s Name and Class clearly. Kids Special Packs are pre-packed and delivered to the child before Moon Festival.

To find out the contents of each Showbag*, please check our Showbags Poster located by each Office, see flyer at the back of the school newsletter or click Choices of Showbags 2019

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Low (

Note: For those that have ordered Kids Special Packs, they will be pre-packed and delivered to the students in their classroom on the day of Moon Festival (12th September 2019). 

Please remember to bring the Lantern that is in the Kids Special Pack to the Moon Festival to participate in the Moon Lady Lantern Parade.

Showbags only will also be on sale at the Moon Festival (Showbag stall), while stocks last.

* Please note that some Showbags may contain actual nuts and/or traces of nuts. 
* Contents of Showbags may vary according to product availability. Replacement items are at minimum of equal or greater value to the original item. While we try our utmost best to accommodate for all choices ordered/marked, Showbag choices are subject to the possibility of substitution of equal or greater value. Prices subject to change.